Why Job Applicants Fear a Background Check

Background checks protect the employer from hiring potential job candidates that may not be telling the complete truth about their background therefore, there are many reasons why a potential job candidate may fear having a background check done on their past in order to be hired.

Generally, the reason for employee screening or typically known as employee background checks are to determine whether or not a possible hire is both worthy and experienced being hired for specific employment.

Background checks will weed out the potential job applicants that may cause risk to the company if they have not been truthful with full disclosure regarding some of the following:

  • Personal background
  • Job experience
  • Formal education
  • Legal records
  • Driving records

Employee background checks, when explained to potential job applicants in advance as a requirement to be hired, will help keep future job applicants more honest and upfront about their past and help reduce any potential future employee liability issues by hiring a person that had may have illegal activities on their record.

Job candidates will be required to sign an agreement providing permission to the employer to submit your personal information for a background check.

Therefore, the job candidate should speak up during the interview process before your information is submitted for a background check if you know there will be a blemish on your record. The job applicants’ honesty and explanation of the blemish may provide enough information and confidence for the employer to continue to consider you for employment.

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