Hiring the right contractor is one of the biggest decisions people building or remodeling a home will make.

It is not only a huge commitment of time and revenue, but also a personal decision agreeing to form a building relationship. There is so much on the line when remodeling or building a home; It is very easy to become overwhelmed.

This article seeks to help every home remodeler and home builder by providing some easy steps and guidance tips when hiring a contractor to build or remodel your dream home.

Have a clear idea of what you want.
Do not hire anyone until you have a clear idea of what you want and how much it will cost. You do not necessarily need architectural drawings, but you should have clear idea of the scope of the project. You should have decisions on what kind of flooring, countertops, appliances and countertops you want. You need to understand the types of expertise and budget needed to achieve the finished product you have decided on. Having a solid plan will ensure that the project starts off smoothly and you and the contractor are on the same page.

Ask Around.
Ask your friends and neighbors and get recommendations on which people they have used in the past. A plumber or an electrician will probably be able to give you good advice. Once you have decided on a contractor, ask them for references. Ask the references how they felt about the work. Was it done in a timely manner? Was the work quality? Was the price fair? Did they enjoy working with the contractor? All of these aspects are essential to know before going into any home building relationship.

Do a background check.
It is essential that you check your general contractor out before any work is done for you. This article recommends hiring a professional company to conduct a complete construction/general contractor background check, such as The Screening Source, found online at https://www.thescreeningsource.com and 860-591-5225.

The Screening Source offers employment screening to screening for businesses and services of all industries and sizes — from construction to healthcare.

A construction or general contractor background check will tell you whether the contractor has been involved with any litigation or has disgruntled customers venting their frustrations on the web, as well as make sure the contractor is properly licensed and insured.

With today’s computer technology documents can easily be forged, like a contractor’s license or permit. Screen your home building contractors, and contact The Screening Source today, found online at https://www.thescreeningsource.com and 860-591-5225.

Sign a contract.
The contract you sign with your contractor should list everything from the kinds of materials you want to use to the time involved with the project. Make sure you have a quote and ask a lot of questions.

There you have it — tips for hiring a contractor to build or remodel your dream home. Ode to 2022 and your dream home remodeled or built by your new friend and general contractor vetted before any work was performed by the professional background screeners at The Screening Source – found online at https://www.thescreeningsource.com and 860-591-5225.

Here’s to building a happy and safe 2022!