No one wants to put their parents, grandparents, or other elderly family member in a nursing care facility. If your aged loved one remains able to function in some capacity at home with help, then it might be advisable to hire elder home care personnel to come to their home and help with daily chores, bathing, dressing, cooking, taking them to their doctor’s appointments, etc. To ensure that you are hiring the right caregiver here are some characteristics that you should look for in a home elder care provider.

First thing you should look for is flexibility. Yes, many times each caregiver has a specific shift they work but sometimes things can happen and the next elder home care personnel may be running a few minutes late due to a car emergency, unexpected traffic, etc. You want to make sure that the caregiver who is there is flexible enough to permit that individual to stay over a few minutes, if necessary. This is very important because in some cases the elderly may not be able to be left alone for even a few minutes. One example is if the elderly is suffering from an early form of dementia or gets confused easily, they could accidentally try to cook themselves something to eat and burn themselves or leave the stove on, possibly causing a fire, or they could wander off. You want to make sure that your elder parent or family member is taken care of at all times.

Next is to make sure that the caregiver pays attention to their patient, especially in regards to how they are acting. Most elderly see their physician once a month, so the caregiver must be aware of any changes in how the elderly patient is acting, their skin color, their energy level, whether and how much they are eating, etc. When anything is noticed to be medically out of the ordinary, it should be addressed as soon as possible. This can help to prevent an elderly patient from becoming ill and suffering from a serious illness, hospitalization, or even death.

Another quality of a great elderly home caregiver is their willingness to sit and listen to their patient talk. In addition to listening to them talk, an elderly caregiver should regularly play games such as cards, or watch their favorite shows with their elder. Some caregivers will even take their patients out for a drive, have lunch out, transport the elderly person to visit their friends, and more. A good elder home care provider needs to have the ability to take care of their patient, but also to be a companion.

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