Employment Background Check Tips

A lot of time and money goes into hiring new employees, so it is only right that employers have a system in place to make sure that their potential employees are responsible and have a reliable past. This article will provide tips for employers providing ‘Background Checks’ as part of their pre-screening employment process.

First a little history … Background checks are most common for people seeking jobs in a high security position, or a position of trust, such as positions in schools, hospitals, financial institutions, airports, and government. The background check information usually includes past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history. From the information in a background check, an employer is able to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications, character, fitness, as well as assess the potential safety and security risks of the potential hire. Sometimes background checks are simply used to confirm that the information on the employment application or resume is accurate and not falsified.

When performing employment background checks employers need to look at the entire spectrum of information, including the candidate’s education, criminal history, driving history, employment history, and social media. The background check process of an employer must also be consistent. The same searches and investigations must be performed on all applicants. Discrimination charges could befall employers who do not give equal updates for candidates of the same job title.

Employers are urged to use a professional screening company for their employee background screenings. A professional pre-employment screening service will do the best job of getting all the information an employer needs. Professional screening companies have the experience and software processes to give employers accurate and efficient updates, as well as all of the essential legally allowable data for every prospective team member.

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