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Companies nowadays do background checks before hiring new employees. It’s a standard practice in many industries. These checks help employers make sure they’re bringing in competent, qualified, and trustworthy people who won’t harm their company’s reputation or success. However, the details of these checks can vary depending on the industry. The Screening Source has industry solutions helping you determine the best background checks for your business.

Companies within the financial sector must be held accountable for all that they do on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, specific background screening searches must be run on many types of positions.
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Your employees and the level of service they provide to your clients is truly a major factor in your success.
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Background checks are only as good as the data information behind them. TSS brings you the most up-to-date, highest-quality tenant screening information available.
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Our network can provide a wide array of screening solutions for the healthcare industry.
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We understand the needs of our retail clients. Constant turnover requires large amounts of hiring and working with a qualified vendor who can provide streamlined ordering options and competitive pricing is key.
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Through our consultant network, we have provided background screening and drug testing solutions to some of the most prominent staffing agencies across the U.S.
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We can assist your organization with key background screening components for the transportation industry.
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We can assist your organization with key background screening components for the construction industry.
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Private security firms help protect people, private property and schools on a daily basis. That is why we are well aware of the challenges when hiring within the security industry.
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Does your group work with Volunteers? If so, the need for background checks has never been greater.
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Executive positions require a unique process when it comes to background screening. We have developed specialized packages for all of your top-level management/executives.
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The importance of a pre-employment background check is critical within the gaming industry. With the frequent exchange of cash, companies need to avoid hiring unreliable or risky employees.
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