New Tenant Screening

The Landlord/Tenant Screening takes the raw data and analyzes it using sophisticated search logic, resulting in a thorough and easy-to-read report that helps landlords make decisions about potential tenants. And since many tenant decisions have to be made quickly, clients have access to instant eviction record searches that access records either locally (in a single state) or across the nation.
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The economic challenges facing our nation have created particular problems for landlords and residential property managers. Tenants who have lost jobs and income have found themselves unable to meet their contractual agreements; turnover in rental units has skyrocketed and those who have lost homes through mortgage problems are seeking new places to live.

Experience shows that previous rental experience is an accurate predictor of future rental behavior. But simply being presented with raw search data, like eviction records, previous landlord inquiries and court actions, is complicated to interpret for untrained individuals.

Includes credit, criminal and residence histories, plus Instant Eviction searches.

  • Fully FCRA Compliant
  • No Memberships or Contracts
  • No Setup or Monthly Fees
  • No Software To Purchase
  • FREE training for all Authorized Users
  • Account Setup is Quick and Easy
  • Individual Searches or Custom Packages
  • You Pay Only For The Searches You Run
Tenant Background checks

Searches Include:

  • Tenant Credit Report
  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Statewide Evictions
  • Nationwide Evictions
  • Residence Verification
  • National Criminal Search
  • National Theft Database Check
  • State Criminal Search
  • County Court Criminal Records Search
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