Construction and Contracting

Construction and Contracting

The Screening Source offers specialized assistance tailored to the unique requirements of the construction industry. Whether your organization employs tradesmen, drivers, or relies on external contractors for construction projects, our team is equipped to handle comprehensive background checks. We understand the importance of ensuring that all construction workers meet the necessary employment criteria, from safety certifications to licensing and beyond. With our expertise, we’ll work closely with your company to develop a customized program that streamlines the process of screening all covered employees, enabling you to maintain a workforce that is qualified, reliable, and compliant with industry regulations.

We recommend some of the following solutions for the construction industry:

  • National Criminal Database Search
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • CDLIS (Commercial Driver’s License Information System)
  • MVR instant driving records
  • DOT Employment Verifications


Licensing and certification requirements vary depending on the specific job and location. Some states or municipalities may require construction workers to obtain certain licenses or certifications, especially if they’re working with specialized equipment or in trades like plumbing or electrical work. It’s essential to research local regulations to ensure compliance.

What information is typically included in a construction employment background check?