Why Choose The Screening Source

With over 15 years of experience in the background and drug screening industry, The Screening Source, LLC delivers a single source solution to assist companies in making wise, informed hiring decisions. Our mission is to provide an easy to use, accurate solution allowing both clients and their candidates to have the best experience possible.


Why choose The Screening Source? Let us tell you about our STATS!



Our goal is to create a partnership built on trust! Our knowledgeable consultants and staff are put through rigorous training and are continually being educated by our leadership team. We recognize the need for quality support and have made a commitment to it. Your US based client services team along with your dedicated Consultant will partner with your organization to ensure proper account implementation, execution and continual satisfaction.


Turnaround Time

Results are reported through our online ordering system as quickly as possible. Our industry leading turnaround time is impressive. With a real understanding of the hiring process from start to finish, The Screening Source works fast without jeopardizing accuracy so you can fill your positions quickly!



Our reports directly affect your liability and we do not take that lightly! While we understand time is of the essence, we also know that accurate results are even more important. Our Compliance Officers have a deep knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) both on a national and statewide level. Our 2-step quality assurance process allows us to run one of the most accurate consumer reporting agencies in the industry. Every background check containing derogatory information is inspected by two members within our compliance department. We do not rely upon artificial intelligence as we are the experts and know exactly what can and cannot be reported on an employment background check. We have screened hundreds of thousands candidates and still maintains a 0.09% dispute rate!



Our platform has been designed for all levels of users. With secure email invitation options for candidates and a multitude of customizations for screening packages, we are certain the ease and speed of our system will exceed your expectations. Our development team has successfully integrated with over 150 applicant tracking systems (ATS) and we continue to build relationships with new ones. We have made a strong commitment to technology as it is the way of the future!



Security is our top priority and an integral part in the design and development of our candidate screening system. Our development team uses industry-leading technology to secure our website and its operating environment which acts as a layer of protection to safeguard information. Our system infrastructure is constantly scanned, and access is audited and recorded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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