Background Check Availability During Covid-19

Many employers are thinking about the many different ways they can perform background screening for both potential hires and existing personnel during COVID-19.

“Stay at Home” order across our country has changed the dynamics how many of us perform our daily job functions. Because meeting face to face is no longer an option during these challenging times; Human Resource Departments, Employment Recruiters, Department Managers are all figuring ways to both interview and perform background checks safely in order to successfully search for strong candidates for their companies and to maintain a stable and safe workforce.

Though there are many challenging obstacles we may have to overcome during the Covid-19 lockdown, there are still many background check and employee screening documentation available as a “business as usual” documentation process.

For Example, the following documents in order to perform proper employee background checks and employee screening are readily available:

  • County Databases:

Many of our counties have their documentation records in digital format meaning, obtaining important employee background check records will not be affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, obtaining these records in the same fast turnaround time will not be affected.

  • Obtaining court records normally require human interaction, however, as we can all attest these are not normal times therefore, through social distancing we can still manage to obtain court records via fax, phone and other online sources however due to this alternative means of doing business and gathering information and data; some data collection delays may be expected.

There may be some courts that are completely closed, therefore, gathering information may be very difficult to obtain in a timely manner. In this case you may wish to reference online source help centers with specific court houses.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles:

Ost MVR checks are not experiencing delays at this present time. Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation is the MVR check we are made aware of that is closed indefinitely.

  • . Drug Screening:

 Nationwide, we have discovered that most drug screening labs are still open, although some are closed due to social distancing concerns or local laws.

  • Education and Employment Verifications:

For employment verifications, many checks can be completed online or through a digital source; however, some companies are closed and have not yet shifted resources to work-at-home employees, which may cause delays.

Most education verifications are not experiencing delays; however, if an institution is closed and not part of the National Student Clearinghouse database, there may be a delay or inability to complete the background check.

  • International Background Checks:

 COVID-19 has now been confirmed on a global scale. Therefore, delays are expected.

 Therefore, while juggling through all of the requirements how to do business during Covid-19 and, If your business wishes to protect its branding and good name, financial matters and the safety of your employees than employment background screening is the correct decision and no time like the present to move forward and implement job screening practices immediately.

Now that you have chosen to move forward and run employee background checks for your hiring process, you can now feel more comfortable and safer when choosing to hire the employee applicant or not. The employee background check can serve as an effective human resource tool in choosing the right person for your company.

Protect your business and family by hiring a professional background check company like will provide a reliable and affordable pre-employment screening service to help build your top-quality team while creating a safe and result oriented work environment.

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