Healthcare Background Checks Are Essential 

Healthcare Background Checks

Healthcare Background Checks Are Essential 

The well-being of every patient depends on the professionalism of each health care professional.  In today’s Covid-19 pandemic environment our world has become quickly aware that comprehensive and accurate background checks are crucial for healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare background checks help make certain that dishonest, disqualified people are not employed by healthcare facilities. In this way, healthcare background checks can prevent tragedies, such as the case of Charles Cullen, a nurse who murdered forty patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Furthermore, failing to run healthcare background screenings puts hospitals and other healthcare facilities at risk of being sued for negligent hiring.

Although running health care professional background checks in-house is possible, most hospitals and other facilities choose to contract with third party background screening firms instead. Typically, outsourcing healthcare background checks is the more cost-effective approach.

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Because in no other industry do we place our trust, and our lives, as much as we do in health care professionals!

Below we have provided a list of investigations that ought to be incorporated in healthcare background checks:

  1. OIG-GSA Examination

Both the OIG and the GSA are offices in the federal government. The OIG exclusion list quantifies those who have been banned from working in Medicare, while the GSA list shows those who are barred from winning government contracts. Patient abuse, fraud, unsavory licensing board actions and default on student loans can land a healthcare professional on these lists. The Excluded Parties List System lists GSA and OIG exclusions, as well as those of the DEA and the FDA, so it is an excellent tool for those running health care professional background screenings.

  1. Criminal Background History

Court history should be established as part of a healthcare background check. Those with significant criminal history are not safe hires. Thoroughly checking a person’s criminal history is more time consuming than you might imagine and is best left to the professionals such as The Screening Source at

  1. NPDB Check

The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) can provide invaluable information on the on-the-job history of a health care professional. Background checks should include a NBDB check for malpractice suits, restricted clinical privileges, and any licensure limitations.

  1. FACIS Review

FACIS, or the Fraud and Abuse Control Information System, catalogues healthcare workers who have seen disciplinary action from federal agencies. FACIS also includes licensing and certification data from nearly every state.

  1. HIPDB Analysis

If your potential hire has been mixed up in healthcare fraud, you will find out in the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB). All thorough healthcare background checks should include a search of the HIPDB.

Clearly, running thorough healthcare background screenings requires a good deal of specialized knowledge. It’s no wonder that most healthcare facilities choose to outsource this important aspect of healthcare hiring.

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