How Does Employment Background Check Work

Employment background checks are more than just a general search of your name, address, and date of birth. Detailed background checks provide information about your past, including where you’ve lived, what you’ve done for a living, and who you’ve worked for. Employers use personal background checks to check your employment history, criminal history, court records, education and training records, financial records, and more.

Why is the employment background check important?

It can also help employers protect their business from employees who may have had negative experiences with coworkers or former employers. An employee’s past employment history can be revealed if they have been fired from a previous job due to dishonesty, abuse, or misconduct.

 A background check includes several sources.

  • Social security number

The SS Number of the applicant (the employer typically holds this) is the first and essential thing to check when an employer wants to hire any person.

  • School records

Schools are a great place to start. They include information about your attendance, grades, and disciplinary history at school. You will better understand whether the employee is suitable for the job.

  • Driving License

Another document an employer must check is the employee’s driving license. Through this, you can check how much that person is responsible and disciplined.

  • Criminal Records

Criminal background checks for employment are also included in most background checks, but they can be more complicated to obtain than other types of information. People convicted of crimes since childhood may have difficulty expunging their convictions from their records.

  • Bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy records provide information about whether or not someone has filed for bankruptcy protection in the past five years (or more). A bankruptcy filing more than once and failure to pay creditors could disqualify them from meeting the requirements of the employment back check.


An employment background check includes everything from the applicant’s previous jobs to their educational history. It can give insight into the character, how they interact with others, and what kind of work ethics they have. If a potential employer is looking for someone who will fit in well with their team and company culture, this is an important thing to look at!

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