Landlord/Tenant Screening Services

Landlord/Tenant Screening services is a safe prevention for landlords when searching for credible tenants to rent or lease property.

Landlord/Tenant Screening helps landlords make sound and reliable decisions about potential tenants.

Professional screening companies like will help make the landlord decision making process easier and quicker by providing past and current records such as local and national eviction records to the landlord.

Tenant Screening reports may Include credit, criminal and residence histories, plus Instant Eviction searches. Therefore, landlords will be able to view the rental experience history of a potential tenant if the tenant they are considering to rent or lease a property has a history of lost jobs, not paying their bills, law suits, insurance claims, evictions, criminal records, etc. in order to potentially stop a potentially future problem before it occurs resulting in a solution to stop a negative situation from breeding verses needing to discover solutions to resolve.

This author suggests you get a tenant screening credit check before proceeding for leasing. Hiring a professional tenant screening company will help avoid the complications of an eviction process. The Landlord/Tenant screening background check can be obtained online making the screening process easy and fast for landlord decision making purposes.

Tenant screening services and background tenant checks may include the following features:

  • Employment verification
  • Rental history
  • Eviction reports and notices
  • Credit checks
  • Law suits
  • Criminal background checks
  • Local and nationwide background checks

Each of these screening background check service features can be offered individually or as a comprehensive list of services.

As the landlord, you can choose the kind of report you want and the level of tenant screening background check information you need to decide whether the tenant is a good solid candidate and is to be considered a risk free tenant or if there is questionable history labeling that potential tenant as a negative situation waiting to be resolved. Knowing this information upfront and fast will ultimately save the landlord unnecessary legal expenses in the future.

In closing, this author wants to protect your company by offering tenant background screening. Remember, tenant prevention is much better than searching for a tenant cure.

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