Steps to Running a Criminal Background Check

The process of conducting a criminal background check typically involves the following steps:

  1. Consent: The employer must first obtain written consent from the job applicant or employee to conduct a background check. This consent is typically obtained through a signed authorization form that discloses the purpose, scope, and type of information to be collected.
  2. Identifying information: The employer will collect the applicant’s identification information such as full name, date of birth, social security number, and any other necessary information such as addresses, employment history, and educational qualifications.
  3. Search parameters: The employer will determine what type of background check to conduct and which databases or sources to search based on the job responsibilities and necessary qualifications. It’s important to note that different checks may cost different amounts and take varying amounts of time to complete.
  4. Search and review: Once the parameters of the background check are determined, the employer will search various databases to obtain any relevant records. These may include criminal records, motor vehicle records, credit reports, and education or employment verification. The employer will then review and interpret the information to evaluate the candidate’s suitability for the position.
  5. Adjudication: Based on the results of the background check, the employer will make an employment decision. Depending on the findings, the employer may still hire the applicant but with certain conditions such as additional monitoring, restricted access, or further training.

To ensure accurate results, employers must choose a reputable background check provider and adhere to all relevant legal and compliance requirements. Being aware of state and federal laws around discrimination is also crucial. The employer should also inform applicants of their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which includes the right to dispute any inaccurate information found during a background check. The Screening Source, LLC is an industry leading full-service employment background check provider with access to all the necessary databases.

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