The Rise of Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

The effects of proper vetting through Background Checks will help to protect your business from negligent hiring. Thorough investigation, especially the examination of criminal records is key to preventing negligent hiring. In addition, background checks provide other intangible effects such as higher employee morale and preservation of company branding.

A primary objective of background checks is to prevent a bad hiring decision, i.e., an employee with attributes that can damage the workplace through poor job performance or criminal proceedings.

Detecting unfit employees through background checks can help prevent litigation. If an employer does not exercise proper due diligence, the employer can be sued for negligent hiring. If the employer does not end, discipline or adequately supervise an employee’s behavior after learning that the person is dangerous or unfit, the company can be sued for negligent retention.

By running background checks on candidates through The Screening Source, LLC., employers exercise due diligence in protecting their employees from workplace violence, theft, fraud and other crimes.

Along with the obvious benefits of background checks there are some intangible benefits such as upholding the credibility of the company, improved employee morale and corporate branding. Through the screening process provided by The Screening Source, LLC., any criminal records will be uncovered helping to avoid bringing corrupt behavior into the workplace which can result in a more positive work environment. Some companies spend millions of dollars to brand their products or services – by hiring employees who have been carefully vetted companies protect their brand from potential defamation.

Who uses The Screening Source, LLC.?

We answer this question by saying any company that wants to improve the quality, honesty and integrity of their workforce will use us to select the right candidates. But to be more specific the following industries are the ones that have used our services the most:

  • General Employers and Retail
  • Child and Senior care
  • Schools and Non-Profits
  • Property Management
  • Transport Industry
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Health Industry

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