The Coronavirus has caused businesses worldwide to permanently alter their practices.  The Human Resource departments of Covid-19 companies in our post global pandemic world are no exception.  In this article we will explore employment screening in the Covid-19 world.

The global pandemic has caused the closure of many courts, public records repositories, and drug testing laboratories.  These closures, in turn, have caused criminal and civil records reviews, as well as previous employment and education verifications, to be unavailable.

The ability of employers to search and review the pre-employment court records of job applicants during Covid-19 will be troublesome.  Many courts are closed, and some courts are open for online searches only.  However, the information contained on the court documents may not be updated due to the numerous court closures and the employment absence of the court clerks needed to input the court documents.

Education credentials and work history verifications are likely a challenge in these pandemic times as well.  Many businesses and schools remain closed, making document, transcript, or diploma verifications by the necessary school officials and managers rather unlikely.

An option for those businesses seeking to hire during the pandemic is to stop pre-employment background and drug tests screening until things get back to normal.  However, this causes possible problems for the employer in the protection of their workers, their property, and their customers, as well as potential legal complications.

The ability of employers to carry out their normal business hiring practices, including pre-employment background and drug tests, will be extremely problematic due to Covid-19.  It is recommended that the employer check with the appropriate legal counsel.  Whatever hiring process is carried out, it is crucial that the employer provide employee applicants with detailed letters that are clear and unambiguous about the status of the pre-employment testing, and the offer of employment being contingent and conditioned upon the completion of the pre-employment testing and the testing results.  Good luck and stay safe and healthy.

Now that you have chosen to move forward and run employee background checks for your hiring process, you can now feel more comfortable and safer when choosing to hire the employee applicant or not. The employee background check can serve as an effective human resource tool in choosing the right person for your company.

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