Risks of Using Social Media for Employee Screening

When using social media as a means of employee background checks and screening may increase the chance of discrimination claims.

For Example: Businesses to hire potential employees are not allowed to make hiring decisions based on factors like age, sexual orientation, medical condition, or marital status. Typically, this type of information is not available on social media.

When using social media venues as an employee background check tool, there is a possibility of violating privacy rights.

Remember, anything placed on the internet may be viewable to the general public therefore, you may be violating that persons’ rights to privacy. When hiring a potential candidate, only information directly related to the job performance that is relevant to the job may be considered when selecting an employee.

Therefore, any information discovered about a potential employee or existing employee on social media channels cannot be used in your decision-making process and besides it would be very difficult to prove if you did find something questionable on social media.

However, some benefits using social media in screening can reveal important traits and behaviors that can help you discern whether a person is right for the job. For example, signs of violent or hateful tendencies in ones’ social media page..

One way to potentially avoid potential legal problems is to separate the screening process from the hiring decision maker. Minimize the risks of using social media by determining what information is important for you to know and finding other ways to get the information.

Background screening companies are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and must get permission from the candidate or applicant to pull such information. Hiring a professional screening company is the safe and smart way to conduct professional employee background checks.

Employers should consider having employment background screening as a standard process implemented within your HR department to assure a more positive employee selection experience.

If your business wishes to protect its branding and good name, financial matters and the safety of your employees than employment background screening is the correct decision and no time like the present to move forward and implement job screening practices immediately.

Now that you have chosen to move forward and run employee background checks for your hiring process, you can now feel more comfortable and safer when choosing to hire the employee applicant or not. The employee background check can serve as an effective human resource tool in choosing the right person for your company.

Protect your business and family by hiring a professional background check company like www.thescreeningsource.com will provide a reliable and affordable pre-employment screening service to help build your top-quality team while creating a safe and result oriented work environment.

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