Employment Screening Services – Making the Right Choice for Employers

Everyday, employers risk their reputations, money and safety by making costly hiring mistakes. They may even be held liable for these mistakes in Court! Employment Screening Services provides an essential solution.

Recruiting staff is a major expense for employers, so it makes sense to get it right the first time. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake, and not just financially. An employer’s reputation is on the line every time an employee interacts with clients, the general public and other staff members. There are several reasons why employers should screen potential employees:

– To ensure the safety of staff and clients;

– To prevent theft and unauthorised use of confidential information;

– To avoid being the victim of identity theft;

– Some positions require certain qualifications or experience;

– To confirm legal right to work status;

– To ensure the right “mix” of skills and behavior; and

– To reduce exposure to government audits and penalties.

The truth of our world is that certain people are unsuitable for specified employment. For example, persons with prior convictions for sex-related crimes are unsuitable to work with children, and persons with prior fraud convictions may be unsuitable to work as financial consultants.

How can employers reduce exposure and get it right when it comes to selecting employees?

The answer is to use the employment screening serviceof a professional consulting firm which specializes in screening job applicants. Screening prospective employees is not a one size fits all task. There are a variety of checks that can be undertaken by employment screening services, including criminal history, credit checks, education and employment verification, professional licensure and accreditation verification, workers compensation history, skills and behavior assessments, verification of Social Security numbers and immigration status, and international checks. Each employer has its own individual requirements and part of the service provided by employment screening services is to match the right checks to an employer’s needs.

When reputation, financial security and the personal safety of staff and clients is on the line, responsible employers know that they need the confidence and peace of mind that comes from using a professional employment screening service.

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