Pre-Employment Drug Testing

pre-employment drug testing

Pre-employment drug testing is a critical safety issue in many, if not most, workplaces. Companies require said testing as persons/applicants may attempt to extend their recreational, weekend, or after hours drug use to the workplace. This robs companies of millions of hours of productive work and disrupts employee morale.

Starting an employee drug testing program is not simple and requires development in accordance with relevant legal requirements. These legal requirements may even vary in their application to particular workplaces. Because these issues are very complex, top management may want to consult lawyers who know about testing before the development of a drug testing program.

A drug testing program can deter people unfit for duty from coming to work and even discourage alcohol and drug abusers from joining the organization in the first place. Drug testing also depends on factors like cost, feasibility and appropriateness. 

Drug test procedures generally have certain minimum criteria that need to be met for the applicant to be in compliance with the rules. Most test procedures screen for marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates and PCP (Phencyclidine). All drug testing must be done from urine specimens collected under highly controlled conditions. Specimen collection procedures require a designated collection site, acceptable security for the collection site, chain of custody documentation, use of authorized personnel, privacy during collection, integrity and identity of the specimen, and transportation to the laboratory. 

It is recommended that pre-employment drug testing be done for all prospective new applicant employees to promote the selection of quality staff.  The Screening Source has over 15 years in the drug screening industry.  Contact them today at for 5 Panel Drug Screening of applicants with a 1-3 business day turnaround (Depending on Lab).   Trust The Screening Source to select and hire the highest quality employees.