How a Social Security Number Search Helps Businesses

Running a business or company successfully requires people who can be trusted. When applicants vie for a position, it is necessary to ask for their vital information to help managers conduct a thorough and complete background checks.  This is the very essence of companies requiring many documents and information from applicants.

A Social Security Number search has long been one of the top priorities of companies when ascertaining the identities of job applicants. This is true because a Social Security Number search provides the vital and pertinent information for companies and the government, and enables a searcher to trace someone’s whereabouts, contact information and other basic information. Through a Social Security Number search, the manager will be able to research into the identity of the applicant. It can be used to verify the information provided by the applicant or help in determining if he/she has been jumping from one employer to the next.

There are many modern days uses for an SSN search. It can be a landlord verifying the identity of a person who is interested in becoming a tenant, a money-lending company trying to determine if a person applying for a loan is impersonating someone else, a human resources manager to check if the person is actually the one, he/she claims to be, and many more.  There are many cases of identity thefts these days and having a convenient method of ascertaining the identity of a job applicant surely helps save a company from the cons.

The SSN search may not however be used as the sole basis for an adverse action on an applicant. It should only be used to verify or correct an applicant’s information, or as a tool to further research public records or other verifications. The social security number search does not signify someone’s eligibility to work in the US nor their immigration status

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A social security number search is a convenient tool used to improve the accuracy of background checks. Because in today’s chaotic and unpredictable world, tightening up your hiring process can really save your company time and money, and reduce stress on hiring managers.  Improve your hiring process today and contact The Screening Source today at and 860-591-5225.