Tips For Picking Out The Best Employees

How much time did you spend researching your last online purchase? What about your last computer? Truth revealed … like many business owners and managers you probably spent a lot more time doing this research than you did on the last employee that you hired.

In a recent USA Today survey, the Society for Human Resource Management found that just over two-thirds of hiring decisions were made in the first 4.3 minutes of an interview. Less than five minutes. How could you possibly learn enough about a person in five minutes to justify the huge leap of trust that hiring an employee represents, and today truly mandates?

And that really is the heart of the matter. When companies and businesses hire someone they are extending a huge amount of trust to them. Apparently, 67% of people responsible for hiring feel they are able to instantly build trust on superficial first impressions.

Unfortunately, that same study found that less than 14% of those hires were successful over the course of ONE year!

Now remember, you and your business are investing much more than just salary into this new employee. Your new employee is going to need training. No matter how much specialized education and experience their resume claims, you’ll still have to spend time and money getting them up to speed on how you get things done at your company. Next, you will also have to trust this new employee with your customers and clients. Just how much can you find out about someone in five minutes that gives you the confidence to turn them loose with your clients? Finally, one of the most critical ways in which you will have to trust this new employee is with your current employees. How will this new person affect them?

If you want the best employees you’ll have to start putting a lot more time and effort into your hiring and selection process. You must make it more difficult to get past the front door and be more certain about who exactly it is that you’ve hired. Take the time to discover who they really are and make them prove it.

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The main point to be made is that in our modern times, businesses and people cannot continue to hire employees based on a superficial gut feeling gained on first impressions. The more time and effort you invest into your hiring and selection process will be well worth it in the end. Top talent is attracted to people who do things right.

A sloppy or halfhearted hiring process will not fill the best candidates with confidence in any business or company.

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