Tips To Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process

Streamlining the hiring process can save time and money, and ensure that your company attracts the top candidates in your industry. This is especially true in our present world where qualified job seekers seem to be rather scarce.

It is important for hiring managers to remember that potential candidates take “real” notice of a company’s hiring process as they are going through it to gauge how your organization might also conduct day-to-day business. If jobseekers get a bad impression, you can be sure they will tell their friends and colleagues. With everyone and everything being on the worldwide web today, bad hiring news will definitely travel fast and if top candidates get a negative vibe about your company they’ll probably go to your competition.

This article provides some tips to help your company streamline the hiring process, attract top-tier candidates that can make a real impact in your business and help you stay ahead of the competition.

TIP #1 — Evaluate Your Current Hiring Process. Taking a look at your current process allows you to see what parts are working and which are not, and enables you to discern what areas can be improved. Normally, the hiring process is created around the company and the hiring managers. It is wise to also take a look at your process from the potential candidates’ perspective — remember they will be the first to talk to others out in the field about your company.

TIP #2 — Communicate With Candidates Throughout The Process. A very common blunder companies make is that they fail to keep in contact with the candidates throughout the process. Not only is keeping in touch with candidates a common courtesy, it sets a professional tone. It’s important that they know where they are in the process at all times. This is especially important when it comes to your “finalists.” If your first choice doesn’t come through, you will surely be looking at the candidates that are close runner-ups.

TIP #3 —Make Your Hiring Process Last A Reasonable Amount of Time.
How long does your current hiring process take from start to finish? Top candidates do not remain available for too long. They are in-demand, get noticed or move on quickly. Figure out what actual date the candidate needs to start and work backward while taking into consideration the number of rounds of interviews you want to conduct, resignation notice periods, background checks and reference checks. A slow hiring process does not mean you’ll get better candidates; in fact many times it works against your best interest since it is common for “top talent” to get multiple offers.

TIP #4 – Move The Offer Stage Along Quickly.
When it comes time for the offer stage, it’s a good idea to keep things moving along quickly. Once you make a decision on a final candidate — present the offer already. Don’t drag your feet! The more time you allow between the interview process, final decision-making, and presenting the offer, the more time there is for a potential candidate to get anxious and change his or her mind, or to receive an offer from your competition.

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Tightening up your hiring process can really save your company time and money, reduce stress on hiring managers by freeing up more of their time, and ultimately attract the top-tier candidates that can help improve your business.

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