Why Background Checks Help Reduce Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence is becoming more and more apparent in today’s workplace. It is becoming very important to discover ways to help reduce workplace violence from occurring.

There are obviously many ways to help reduce the potential for workplace violence happening however, for the purpose and discussion of this article, we will talk about one proven way to help to reduce and hopefully eliminate potential workplace violence from breeding.

Planning a company policy and process for employee background checks not only for potential new hires but also ongoing background checks throughout your employee employment period will help reduce the potential from a violent and harmful workplace situation develop.

Here are a few things to consider when helping make your company background check and employee screening process easier.

  • A Complete Employee Background Check Must be Conducted

Complete and thorough employee background checks will help reduce violence in the workplace. During your employee phone interview process and screening prior to inviting a potential employee from having a live in-person interview take place, you should inform all incoming candidates that a full and complete employee background screening will be performed. This policy you have in place should help reduce if not stop workplace violence. This way any violent or disruptive history will show up during a complete employee background check before you invite this potential staff member to step foot in your company.

  • Workplace Violence Employee Background Check Policies Should be Updated

All companies should address workplace violence and a policy should be introduced how a company plans to help reduce such harmful and violent actions from happening such as periodic employee screening and background checks with not just new employees to be considered for hire but also existing employees. This new policy will both help make existing employees more at ease as well as weed out the potential for existing employees that may have adopted violent behavior outside the workplace since their date of hire leaving a potential revolving door for future violent behavior within the workplace.  Therefore, by maintaining a periodic employee screening checks, you can be sure that all employees will know that any type of workplace violence or violent behavior will not be tolerated.

If your company is to consider conducting periodic new hire and existing hire employee background checks and screening, it is important to understand that employee screening companies follow a strict employment process as well as follow the legal guidelines as outlined on the Data Protection Rights. Typically, a standard screening service and employee background check include:

  • Employee background checks
  • Employee verification of academic qualifications and degrees
  • Employee driver’s license checks
  • Employee resume
  • Employee employment gaps
  • Employee employment checking and verification
  • Employee criminal records
  • Employee alcohol and drug tests
  • Employee credit checks
  • Employee miscellaneous background checks and other applicable checks pending on the job position and its’ requirements.

Note: All employee screening and background checks are authorized with the consent of each individual or employee, as protected by the law.

Remember, hiring an employment screening company will help to make sure that you are not hiring future liabilities acting against your company such as workplace violence as well as, future lawsuits, company damages, negative reviews, bankruptcy and potential employee harassment and other concerns and charges can be often avoided by hiring professionals with a clean background check, traceable reputation and a verified quality and integrity at work.

In closing: If you are seeking a hiring solution to help reduce the potential for workplace violence that includes maximum security and enhanced productivity for optimized success then hire employees that have gone through the process of a professional employee screening background check company.

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