Employee Background Checks for Existing and New Job Applicants. Why and How?

Your recruiting for new hires. It is During the hiring process to run background checks on all applicants regardless of their job responsibilities and title. This step during your hiring process is essential.

Implementing an employee background check requirement should also be mandatory within your companies process to conduct annual employee background checks for all current employees within your organization. This corporate process in place should help protect not only your business but also your staff and employees.

Employee screening commonly referred to as employee background checks is a loss prevention, asset control and violence in the workplace preventive program and strategy to help ensure your companies materials, finances, security, your brand, employees and values are as safe and secure as possible.

Employee screening will ensure a comprehensive program of protection and should be administered on an annual basis as part of your company policy and process. Employee background checks typically focuses on each individual employee within your organization no matter what their job level, tile, salary or responsibility is and by implementing such a process, will remind all employees at all job levels that their personal integrity and accountability is not only valued by the employer but, their personal safety in the workplace is also taken very seriously.

Let’s now discuss how to implement an Annual Background Check Program:

  1. During the hiring process and before inviting a potential employee physically to your workplace, make sure you provide the job applicant with an “Applicant Release Form” which explains to the job applicant that a complete and thorough background check is necessary for pre-employment consideration. The potential candidate for employment must sign to authorize the initial employee screening check and also must sign to understand their will be periodic background checks for current employees moving forward. This release form must clearly describe and explain to the job applicant that by signing this release form, they approve of and authorize “YOU” the employer to order and conduct a pre-employment background check as well as annual and/or at any-time without notice random background checks in accordance with company policies throughout the term of employment.
  2. When a job applicant is hired. Retain and secure signed forms as part of your human resources hiring process and program.
  3. Ensure all employee handbooks, employee handouts, employee documentation, hiring agreements, notices and HR postings are clearly noted regarding your company policy of annual and random background checks.
  4. Within your HR team, assign the responsibility of a team player to ensure your HR team consistently applies the employee screening process to all new hire candidates and current employees. This HR person should also be made aware and receive updated and immediate notice for each and every employee screening that takes place that clearly documents that all corporate policies and penalties are enforced properly and immediately should a specific employee(s) background check come back that warrants such action to be necessary.
  5. HR will ensure the company maintains to follow a strict employment screening process as well as follow the legal guidelines as outlined on the “Data Protection Rights”.
  6. Employee background checks may include the following:
  • Employee background checks
  • Employee verification of academic degrees
  • Employee verification of qualifications
  • Employee verification of any licenses (private and professional)
  • Employee ID’s and driver’s license checks
  • Employee resume verification (may call previous employers)
  • Employee employment date questionable gaps
  • Employee employment checking and verification
  • Employee criminal records no matter how minor
  • Employee drug and alcohol tests (may require blood and urine tests)
  • Employee background credit report checks
  1. Check with your background check screening services vendor to ensure that their employee screening reporting system has the ability and functionality to enable you to set an automatic annual background checks reminder system.

Remember, lawsuits, company damages, employee harassment, job theft and workplace violence appear to be rising more and more in today’s workplace. It is unfortunately becoming a part of our society however it does not have to be a part of your workplace. These are some of the reasons of many why an employee background screening process is apparently very important to implement within your workplace starting today.

In closing: If you are seeking a hiring solution to help reduce any avoidable and potential negative actions that can damage your company reputation, security, finances, employee wellness and safety then protect your business and your employees and hire employees that have gone through the process of a professional employee screening background check company.

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